Guardians 3 and Karen Gillan reflect on a possible farewell to the MCU and Nebula after the Triquel


The Marvel cinematic universe is a huge place, and phase four has already been a wild ride. One of the most anticipated upcoming Marvel movies coming out in theaters is Guardians of the Galaxy. Volume” by James Gunn. 3. The actress of “Guardians 3” Karen Gillan recently reflected on a possible farewell to the MCU and Nebula after the triquel.

Throughout the fourth phase, fans will be presented with a number of exciting materials on “Guardians”, although it seems that all this will be completed with Vol. 3. The actors openly talked about how emotional the filming of the blockbuster was, especially because it is expected to be the last appearance in the MCU, at least for some of the actors. Karen Gillan recently gave an interview to Marvel on the red carpet of the movie “Thor: Love and Thunder” (which will also involve the Guardians) about the filming of “Guardians 3”. She opened the words:

I think we’ve reached a whole new level this time. And you know, maybe, maybe the feeling of closing the chapter, so in a way it’s a little bittersweet. But I think everyone raised it for that.

Is it already May 2023? Sounds like Guardians of the Galaxy. 3 will work on all cylinders. And as the story of the current team comes to an end in James Gunn’s mysterious blockbuster, the stakes certainly seem high. We just need to see which of the space heroes will eventually survive the conflict. Let’s hope that Nebula is on this list, and Karen Gillan will be able to continue her work as a blue villain.

Karen Gillan was one of the most vocal fans of Guardians of the Galaxy. 3, despite not being able to tell anything about the content of the film. She spoke openly about how emotional it was just to read the script, let alone shoot. Both Gillan and Dave Batista were sentimental about their possible end in the Marvel cinematic universe.

As a character, Nebula played by Karen Gillan definitely has an exciting arch in the entire shared universe. Although she was an antagonist in the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie, she and Gamora were finally able to fall in love and get closer due to a shared trauma. Nebula eventually survived the flick in Avengers: Infinity War and joined the Avengers for a five-year time jump ahead of the Finale. And it should be interesting to see where she goes now that Thanos is gone.

As mentioned earlier, on the eve of Vol. 3. They will first appear in “Thor: Love and Thunder”, although it is expected that the team will not have such a big role. In addition, there are upcoming animated series Holiday Special and Baby Groot, which are being sent to Disney+.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. “3” is currently expected to hit theaters on May 5, 2023. In the meantime, check out the movie’s release dates in 2022 to plan your next movie.