GTM announces ‘Yakuza Chronicles’


GTM Ediciones presents its new editorial project, which will be published at the end of the year in two different editions. More than 350 pages in full color.

GTM Ediciones has announced its new project, ‘Yakuza Chronicles’. The Spanish publishing house thus announces its new book for the end of this year, this time dedicated to the Yakuza video game series but with the aim of addressing not only the work of SEGA and the Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio, but also the cultural background behind it. after that name.

Written by Miguel Arán, in these more than 350 full-color pages, ‘Yakuza Chronicles’ speaks in depth about what is one of the largest criminal organizations in the world; at the same time as one of those that keep more secrets and unknowns due to its secretive nature. The volume, which goes on sale on November 15, covers all these elements and clarifies the meaning of the yakuza based on a journey between pages where traditions, the profile of the protagonists and culture come together in the same product.

Yakuza Chronicles – Pre-orders Now Available at GTM

The book has two editions (Kyodai and Waka-Gashira), both with matt chrome hardcover binding, dust jackets with flaps and a full color interior with 135 gram semi-matte paper. Depending on the chosen edition, the additional contents vary and, consequently, also the price; With the particularity that the second of them is limited, it will be sold while stocks last.

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