GTM Announces “The Hollow Book”, A Compendium Inspired By Hollow Knight


GTM: The Spanish publisher announces a new editorial project inspired by the celebrated Team Cherry video game. Editions, price and open reservations. GTM Ediciones has presented its new editorial project this Thursday: a book dedicated to the Hollow Knight universe. Under the name of El Libro Hueco, this compendium is inspired by the work of Team Cherry and, as is usual under the seal of the Spanish publisher, it will be fully illustrated with original images and luxurious qualities. Roberto Pineda signs this 256-page volume in full color to put his knowledge on paper. Reservations are already available in two editions. We tell you everything about the book and the creative vision of its author.

The Hollow Book, open reservations. We know the new GTM book

The Hollow Book takes us between the lines in Hallownest. The cryptic story of what is considered one of the best metroidvania of all time is found again in a book that reviews the conceptual origin of the creation of the work as well as the entrails of the Suffering Kingdom: inhabitants, geography, beasts … Pineda also interprets the impact of Hollow Knight, whose depth has led GTM to dedicate its great publishing project of the present 2021.


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