GTM Announces “Monster Hunter: Will Of Esmeralda


GTM: The Spanish publishing house presents its new special, an essay book dedicated to the entire Monster Hunter saga, Capcom’s famous hunting license. GTM Ediciones has announced its fourteenth special of the GTM² label: Monster Hunter: Emerald Will. The monograph, consisting of 72 full-color pages, focuses on the Monster Hunter saga as a whole; A detailed review of Capcom’s famous monster hunting license from the journalist Sergio Carlos González, author of the special and member of this house. The cover illustration is provided by the artist María J.L.

MeriStation readers can read a preview of the first chapter of ‘Monster Hunter: Will of Esmeralda’ exclusively through this link.

What is ‘Monster Hunter: Will of Esmeralda’

Since its genesis more than fifteen years ago, the special reflects how the idea of ​​Monster Hunter came about and why. Each chapter is dedicated to one of the generations and what makes each main installment unique; its temporal context and what its authors intended, with special emphasis on what lies behind the concept of hunting and capturing.

The volume includes test parts, information and an exclusive interview with the Capcom R&D Team, whose top managers explain to Games Tribune the fundamental aspects of the saga and how they developed the latest iteration of the series, Rise. Monster Hunter: Will of Esmeralda is aimed not only at fans of the saga, who will find here a detailed journey, but also for those who find in that name an insurmountable wall. Why do so many people like it? How has it become a worldwide phenomenon? From Japan to the West, explained.


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