GTM Announces ‘Chrono Trigger: The End of Time’


The Spanish publisher presents a new monograph dedicated to the work of Super Nintendo; with original illustrations and signed by Marina Martínez.

The publisher GTM has announced Chrono Trigger: The End of Time, a new monographic issue under the GTM² label dedicated to Square’s video game for SNES. The work, which celebrates the 25th anniversary of the title, will have this publication an introspective review of its development; a comprehensive review to understand why Chrono Trigger is part of JRPG history.

More than 60 full-color pages with original illustrations signed under the brushes of recognized GTM artists such as Elene Urquijo, Sergio Melero or Jaume Font. This special, which can be purchased from this month of October from the publisher’s official website only for Gold subscribers or higher (monthly membership from 9.99 euros), joins the rest of the publications of the long-standing GTM² seal by GTM Ediciones

MeriStation offers the first exclusive chapter of ‘Chrono Trigger: The End of Time’
Chrono Trigger: El Fin del Tiempo, signed by Marina Martínez, delves into the cinematographic background of the title, the existence of decision-making and the complex circumstance of time travel, elements that in the nineties were not so conventional not so easy to apply in the electronic entertainment sector. Square did it; Now, this monograph explains that development based on a previous study of both the story and its protagonist, whose historical impact is equally great.


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