GTFO We Have Survived The Experience Of The Just Released Version 1


GTFO from the Swedish studio 10 Chambers is a proposal that debuted through early access in the spring of 2019. This installment, developed by the original creators of PayDay, is a cooperative horror game for up to 4 players with a considerable level of difficulty. The game is essentially focused on suspense and puzzles to be solved in different team scenarios with high doses of action.

Now after its presentation at the Game Awards, version 1 of this incredible first-person experience will arrive and here at Meristation, we have had the opportunity to play it before its launch, directly at the Unity studios in the city of San Francisco, California .

GTFO we have survived the experience of the just released version 1

After several hours of flight and some desolate streets of San Francisco derived from the uncertainty due to the pandemic, the development team inside the enclosure to which we were invited, listed us through a brief presentation part of the new changes that we will see in GTFO:

New expeditions
Customizable characters
Bots to make up teams
Matchmaking improvements
Visual updates (rendering and lighting)
More refined animations
Dimension jumps
Supports on Discord with communication lists
New flying enemies
More weapons for direct confrontations (Melee)
And localization in German, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese and Russian.

For those who haven’t had a chance to play it, the GTFO story was written by Adam Gascoine (Call of Duty: Black Ops and DOOM) so it has nuances worthy of an Alien movie. The interesting thing about this proposal is that together with the team we will find out what the argument is about and those who come from early access will find a kind of dimensional jumps when taking certain objects that, according to the developers, give rise to a more complex story.

It is important to note that the game is not easy and that is why 10 Chambers opted to integrate checkpoints to make the experience more user-friendly and thus be able to integrate other types of players. However, the experience can be lived in the same way as it was previously if one decides to explore the lower levels, since, the deeper, the more difficulties we will find.