GTC Digital: NVIDIA releases online event for free


Due to the quarantine adopted in several countries due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the GTC (GPU Technology Conference) event, organized by Nvidia, will be available online and free of charge.

Anyone who purchased tickets for the face-to-face event, to be held in San Jose, California, has been refunded and can access the event online using the credential provided. Those interested in participating can register on the official website to have access.

Among the hundreds of hours of lectures, presentations, individual chats and seminars with content prepared by the 30,000 developers and researchers who will be participating in the 2020 edition of GTC, Nvidia will demonstrate how its GPUs are being applied in research for the development of products and services, and how they help the creative process of the entertainment industry.

Free content
The content of GTC Digital allows the public to learn new skills in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Deep Learning and HPC.

In addition to lectures and training sessions that require a nominal fee, the company is making part of this content available at no cost and at all costs, from recorded videos to live presentations, covering more technical subjects, developed by scientists, researchers and developers. data, even subjects of general understanding, which include popular and diverse topics.

These are some of the free activities that the event offers:

More than 150 recorded presentations talking about computer vision, edge computing, conversational AI, data science, CUDA, graphics and ray tracing, etc .;
Technical statements narrated by experts, which will explain how Nvidia’s GPUs are being used by different industry segments;
Half-hour podcasts, featuring interviews with some of the world’s top AI and deep learning experts;
Gallery with more than 140 posters from researchers around the world, showing how they are using Nvidia’s GPUs to solve unique problems.
The content is being made available in several daily sessions, from March 24th to April 10th.


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