GTA: Vice City Steam Community Member Releases Graphics Patch For Game


Vice City, one of the most popular games of the GTA series in our country, took its place on the shelves in 2002. Of course, over time, Vice City’s graphics were a little old, but one of the Steam community members of the game released new graphics textures for the game.

One of the biggest and most popular game series in the world is undoubtedly Grand Theft Auto and one of the most popular games in this series is Vice City. The game, which was released on October 27, 2002 about 18 years ago, has lost its power against time like many other games.

However, GTA: Vice City has a difference from other aging games: its fans. Fans of the game manage to delay the aging of Vice City to some extent with the touches they give to the game.

Time-challenging efforts
Many things have changed in the game world over the years and one of these changes has been the development of the graphics. As we said above, when we compare a game that came out in 2002 with today’s games, we can say that its graphics have gone a little sluggish. However, the Steam community of the game addressed this issue.

A mod community member called ‘msborges’ has released the enhanced texture patch that gives GTA: Vice City a fresher look. Of course, although it is obvious that this mod is not as good as for GTA V, we can say that it is a very important development for Vice City’s graphics. In addition, this change in graphic textures does not take anything from the aesthetics of the game.

Just like in this example, the talented people add innovations to the games, as GTA: Vice City is in the computer environment. Of course, this does not always mean that the graphics of old games will be improved. Some people can also model new games according to the graphics of the old consoles. You can click the link to download the patch.


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