GTA Vice City 2, The Spectacular Fan Remake for PC With the GTA IV Engine


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, with the RAGE Engine. This new feat allows us to revisit one of the most beloved games with a fresh look.
What would Grand Theft Auto: Vice City look like with high definition graphics and higher quality textures? The authors of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 2, or GTA Vice City 2, were wondering the same thing, a surprising remastering with a remake flavor in which the RevTeam has surprised the entire community of lovers of the Rockstar Games saga.

Tommy Vercetti returns renewed: GTA Vice City with the RAGE Engine

The work of this team began years ago; a team of just four who planned to use the RAGE Engine – Grand Theft Auto: IV’s graphics engine – as a base of operations to bring Vice City to this environment. And they are succeeding, since they are not finished. Now they have published a new free playable demo with new content, and the truth is that the result is surprising because of how well it has been adapted to graphics equivalent to what we saw in the last stages of the Xbox 360 / PS3 generation.

This version of the demo includes two missions, more polished gameplay mechanics, and most importantly, the full map of the original Vice City. This means that exploration will be at our disposal with missions such as the RC Rider Pickup by helicopter, in addition to four missions by Ricardo Diaz.

As we can see in the video, the development is currently very advanced and respectful of the original work, which is taken for granted that we have purchased to make use of this mod for the computer.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 2 will continue in development soon; they say, there is a lot ahead, but this premiere is a great advance in its purposes.

Regarding the future of the saga, fans want an eventual Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA 6) to be based on Vice City, just as Grand Theft Auto V (2013) did with Los Santos (one of the San Andreas regions). Rockstar Games has not said anything about it. The company’s latest video game is Red Dead Redemption 2 (2018). The fifth episode of the saga has already accumulated more than 150 million units sold.


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