GTA VI: we know more about the game!


Cult video game, GTA is the favorite of many console owners. Its sixth component is unveiled for the first time. It promises !

Expected by all fans of video games, Grand Theft Auto VI (or GTA) is the subject of many rumors. Some of them are starting to verify themselves.

Rockstar Games has not yet released the GTA VI release date. But that doesn’t stop fans of the popular video game from multiplying the rumors. It is indeed one of the most anticipated titles of recent years. No wonder he is talked about. Starting with the English site Reddit. A surfer baptized “herenthere4six” thus revealed several excluded.

According to this anonymous source, a major change is about to emerge. There should indeed be a large map in GTA VI. This would mean that the player can explore more than one city. For this new game, fans should be able to walk the streets of Vice City and Carcer City. The latter is a brand new city, inspired by Boston.

The mysterious surfer also reveals that the game will be more realistic than the previous ones. GTA VI should indeed include several weather effects such as pollution or mist. However, little information is available on the characters. We should find a brother and a sister. One of them could be an undercover policeman. “Herenthere4six” has finally released something so crisp that it has been removed by Reddit. The player should indeed be able to flee the missions in several ways in this game.

A slightly more eccentric rumor is also favored by players. GTA VI could indeed take place elsewhere than in the United States. At the origin of this rumor, the gifts of Rockstar Games to its employees. The company has indeed offered badges with the Jamaican and Colombian flags to its staff.


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