‘GTA VI’ e ‘Grand Theft Auto Vice City Online’


The North American giant supports the name of a possible online multiplayer mode of this mythical region of the GTA saga. All the details.

Take-Two Interactive has enforced the ‘Grand Theft Auto Vice City Online’ registration and ‘GTA VI’ website. The movement, corresponding to a new brand, has been discovered by a user through Reddit and is official, as we see on the Who.is web page, where you can see all the domain variants (domains [at ] take2games.com).

Word game between ‘GTA Vice City Online’ and GTA 6 with Roman numerals

The registry, which is currently inactive, was updated last March, so it is a purchase made months ago and that had not been discovered until now. It should be said that the application of a registration of this type does not have to translate into a possible new video game or derivative product, but can be a mere legal endorsement so that no one is ahead of the use of said commercial purposes.

Thus, the http://gtavicecityonline.com/ website is now owned by Take-Two Interactive, although at this time it does not lead anywhere as it is inactive. We await more information from the North American publisher, which continues to focus on the fifth numbered episode of the saga. The name ‘GTA 6’ was mentioned last March on an actor’s resume, but no party involved in the possible development spoke.

GTA 5, a phenomenon capable of selling 135 million dollars

Because if Grand Theft Auto 6 (or whatever it is called in the future) is doing so much to beg, it is precisely because of the validity of GTA 5 in the market, which to date has shipped more than 135 million units if we add all platforms and editions in which it is available.

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The company’s goal, according to its latest announcements and its latest financial report, is to continue squeezing this lucrative production through both GTA 5 – which will have its own version in 2021 for PS5 and Xbox Series X – and Grand Theft Auto. Online, which will also arrive independently to the new generation of consoles from Sony and Microsoft next year.


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