GTA V: what is the roleplay mod


GTA 5 was launched in 2013, but even today the game is one of the most played and broadcast by streamers. And the reason? The popular Roleplay, which transforms your online mode into an RPG, where players must go beyond controlling a character and also interpret them as if they were in a traditional role-playing game.

Although GTA Online has a series of official activities entitled to monthly rewards for Prime Gaming subscribers, the modifications made the game even more popular.

Today TecMundo better explains what this famous mode is and how to participate in matches in GTA RP:

What is Roleplay Mode

Roleplay mode, or RP, is a mix of GTA 5 online mode and a traditional table RPG. So, in addition to just controlling your character within the game universe, you need to interpret it, as if you were living your routine.

For example, if your role in the game starts as a private driver, you must behave like a professional, taking passengers to their destination and avoiding traffic violations. And unlike traditional GTA 5, there are no cheats or other ways to get easy money in the game, just growing inside the story, just like in RPGs, where you need to evolve your character throughout your journeys.

When entering a story within GTA RP, you are guided by the administrator in a story, whose role is very similar to that of the Masters in RPG games. And within it, it is necessary to follow rules, such as those in the example above and others imposed by those who command the plot.

Another fundamental factor within GTA RP matches is not to commit Metagaming. For those who do not know, the term also appeared in RPG games that indicate information or external communications to take advantage within the game. For example, passing on information to another player about something that his character, in the story, has no knowledge of.

And the great feature of GTA RP is the way in which the game is modified so that the story develops. In some cases, famous streamers even hosted sponsored parties within the game, where brands introduced advertisements and helped build a very different scenario from the traditional game.

There are also modifications to basic elements, such as an integrated voice chat (which does not happen in the original game), clothes from national elements, such as the Military Police, Brazilian football teams, and others. In addition to adapting sections of the city so that they look more like a real region. For example, modifying streets so that they look more like Brazilian roads, and even the inclusion of favelas in places on the scene.

How to play Roleplay Mode

First of all, it must be remembered that GTA RP is an illegal modification of the game and that it can even lead to your banning of the Rockstar Games Social account, the official server that maintains the company’s games like Red Dead Redemption 2.

To play GTA RP, you must first have the PC version of GTA 5, as it is the only platform that supports the game mod. Then, you need to download the client installer from the server to which you will connect to play the story.

Then, just open the client, connect with your Rockstar Game Social account, and enter the server. There are several room options, however, it is worth remembering that many of them require some requirements to allow access. While in some it is necessary to enter a queue, others even charge for you to have access to the game.

It is also important to note that some servers ask you to connect to Discord so that you can participate in joint broadcasts or interact with a voice chat. However, all this information is always passed on the moment you access the registration page.

Okay, now just start your journey in GTA RP and start your virtual life within the game.


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