GTA V Trailer on PlayStation Showcase Annoys Game Fans


GTA V shows an unexpected longevity in the gaming world. The game was originally released in 2013 and, with its Expanded and Enhanced version, it will reach its third generation in the console world. But fans aren’t too happy with what Rockstar showed off the game on PlayStation Showcase.

Every game trailer gets some dislikes on YouTube, but the ratio of thumbs-down to positives for the new video for GTA V Expanded and Enhanced clearly shows the dislike of players. At the time of this post, the game has 26 thousand negative votes, with only 14 thousand positive.

The most common criticism we see in the comments is how little of the game’s graphics have been changed for the next generation. The argument is that the level of improvements doesn’t justify selling the game as if it were new. Some players even point out that mechanics that don’t even depend on the game are being highlighted as if they were a big news.

This is the case, for example, with the exchange of characters. The trailer praises that it’s much faster to switch from one protagonist to another, but that’s a natural result of being on more powerful platforms, not improvements to the game itself. On advanced PCs or running the game in the next generation via backwards compatibility, players already have this feature.

There are comments also claiming that you can make the game even prettier than that using mods, and accuse Rockstar of dropping some of these modifications just to not have to “compete” with them.


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