GTA V is the most downloaded game of the week before Christmas in Europe!


There are more and more followers of the famous GTA game! The proof, the turnover of “Grand Theft Auto V” exploded for Christmas.

GTA is the game that marked an entire generation! While waiting for the Christmas holidays, many gamers have bought en masse Grand Theft Auto V.

What memories for players around the world! GTA was born in 1997. Subsequently, many other games have appeared such as: San Andreas, Vice City, Chinatown Wars and many more! During a game, a character then wanders through the districts of a city. Place where everything is allowed and missions are in order! But of course, you must avoid being arrested by the police!

All GTA followers know the trick: There are also cheat codes with which you can do everything. In this game, all the possibilities are endless. Gamers can drive a tank, or even top up their bank accounts at will. But that’s not all ! If you are prosecuted by the authorities, you can also magically restore your innocence!

Released more than six years ago, GTA V continues to fascinate the crowds. According to EMEAA (Europe, Middle-East, Africa and Australia) market data released by GamesIndustry, sales of the famous game are doing well. Rockstar wins the round! It also has the first place in dematerialized sales. Fifa 20 is not to be outdone. Indeed, the game is one of the best physical sales during the week of December 16 to 22.

For Nintendo it’s a little more difficult to know. Indeed, the subsidiary very rarely discloses all of its turnover. If we combine physical and digital sales, Fifa 20 is still in pole position. The game is easily ahead of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, but also Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order! And GTA V wins 4th place. The class!


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