GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Edition Has Revealed Size On PS5


GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Edition won’t require as much space from the PS5’s small SSD when it comes out. The information is unofficial, but it comes from a reliable source that specializes precisely in discovering the weight of new games on Sony’s consoles. Check out the full list of occupied space for each remastered game below:

GTA 3: 5,293 GB
GTA Vice City: 10,768 GB
GTA San Andreas: 22,679 GB
Sizes refer to games without their patch for day one, and apply to both PS5 and PS4. All in all, we have a little less than 40 GB to have the three GTA Trilogy games installed on your console.

It’s interesting to compare the size of each game with its original releases. GTA 3 weighed 1,569 GB, Vice City goes to 2,392 GB and San Andreas reaches 3,230 GB. You can see there’s been plenty of room for change, especially on the San Andreas, which has increased to about seven times its original size. You can see some of these changes in a comparison released earlier: