GTA Trilogy: Remaster May Have Leaked On Rockstar Launcher


GTA Trilogy: A new update to Rockstar’s launcher, which can be used to download and play Rockstar games, appears to have revealed more information about the arrival of a possible remaster of three games from the Grand Theft Auto series.

According to the GTAforums website, there are several lines of code referring to the possible release of GTA Trilogy. The patch may have revealed versions of Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for the Unreal Engine.

On Twitter, prominent users in the GTA and Red Dead Redemption community found even more evidence of the remaster, which could prove the remastered trilogy is real and could be released soon. On the social network, they shared high-resolution images that show the logos of the three games with an indication of being a “definitive version”.

Also found are updated screenshots of game achievements, which will be used by Rockstar Launcher.


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