GTA Trilogy: Rain Hurts The Eyes In The New Look Of The Remaster


GTA Trilogy: Launched yesterday (11), the compilation Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition is causing a stir. With a funny (and at the same time disappointing) look and several bugs, the trilogy with remastered versions of GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas never ceases to surprise fans negatively.

For example, enjoying the gameplay when it starts to rain in the game is a tricky task in the new version of San Andreas. Raindrops are just white streaks on the screen that, to make matters worse, are not displayed near rivers or lakes, causing a very uncomfortable visual effect.

In the original, because of technical limitations, both the fog and the lower quality graphics themselves gave a more grainy and eye-pleasing look. Below, you can check out a clip that shows how visually uncomfortable it is to play the definitive version of GTA: San Andreas.

Another problem regularly encountered in the remastered versions of the three classic GTAs is due to the upcasling of the graphics. Stretched out, they not only lose resolution, they often lose their meaning—while gaining completely different and unexpectedly funny ones.

On Reddit, users have shared screenshots showing street signs in the game with typos that totally change the originally intended message.

In the image below, the store should be selling Air Guitars, but instead the ad says “AR Guitars”, something like “Assault Rifle Guitars” — the kind of weapon we would much more expect to see perhaps in Saints Row, rather than in GTA.