GTA Trilogy Patch Improves Performance And Fixes Dozens Of Bugs


GTA Trilogy: Rockstar Games has announced the release of the new patch 1.04 for all versions of GTA Trilogy: Definitive Edition. The update brings fixes for a number of issues in areas such as performance, stability and graphics.

The promise is that performance has been improved on all platforms and on all available graphics options. Also fixed a number of collision bugs, as well as incorrect textures and flags.

The developers also fixed errors when trying a mission again from the last checkpoint that were found in the three games in the trilogy.

GTA 3 has a new option to run partially and an improvement for the minimap

Each of the titles also received particular corrections. In the case of GTA 3, it is now possible to hold down the sprint button to do a “partial sprint”. To do this, just have the “press to run” option activated in the menu.

The folks at Grove Street Games have also improved the zoom behavior on the classic minimap, as well as the visibility of some Pay ‘n’ Spray at night. In addition, the patch fixes dozens of specific bugs that occurred in certain missions.