GTA: Trilogy of Remasters Could Be On The Way, According To Insider


Rockstar doesn’t seem to be in much of a rush to announce a GTA 6, but in the meantime fans may be able to revisit some older titles in the franchise, according to the rumor at the time. In a Twitter conversation, Yan2295 confirmed that the developer would be working on a GTA trilogy, geared toward remasters or remakes.

Like all rumors, we should look at this information with skepticism, but Yan2295 has an above-average history of leak hits. So much so that, in 2018, as DualShockers recalls, the insider was contacted by Take-Two itself – Rockstar’s owner – with a request to stop leaking information about the games. If he got to that level, it’s because he hits a lot of what he’s talking about.

In this case, however, the information is as scarce as possible, boiling down to a mere “yes”. Another Twitter user asked Yan2295 if we could see a GTA Trilogy, with remasters and/or remakes of older games, and the “leaker” just said yes.

It is speculated that it would be a trilogy with GTA 3, San Andreas and Vice City, because they were the first games with the new 3D perspective with the camera behind the character’s back, used until today. But if the information is true, we’ll have to wait to see which games will be resurrected.


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