GTA Trilogy Hides Sensitive Information And Removed Songs


GTA Trilogy: Rockstar Games must be in panic mode: not only have the remasters of GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas been badly received with the release of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition, but now dataminers have explored the game’s archives and found it. very interesting information.

Starting with the songs: players have noticed that several songs are missing from radio stations in GTA Trilogy. Thanks to expired playback rights, classic tracks are no longer present in radio programming.

Despite not being played anymore, however, the songs are mostly present in the game files, except for the songs by Michael Jackson. In Vice City, for example, all songs can be found in OGG-VORBIS format in game folders, except for the late King of Pop. They just aren’t played because they aren’t listed in the code for new game versions.

Developer comments

But perhaps the most important finding is related to the development process of the three remastered games. While very reserved about the backstage of producing their games, Rockstar appears to have stepped on the ball and forgotten about the full codes in the title archives of the remastered trilogy.

And by “complete” we mean everything, including developer comments — and this is just the most interesting part of the entire datamine.

On Twitter, user Vadim M. shared screenshots of the commented code showing that internally, the development teams referred to Prawn Island as “Porn Island” while The Well Stacked Pizza Co. was simply referred to as “Pizza Hut”, in allusion to the famous real world pizzeria.