GTA Trilogy For Nintendo Switch: First Official Images Of The Game In HD


GTA Trilogy: We can already take a look at what the remastered trilogy looks like in its version for the hybrid. Available in the eShop from this November 11. Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition is right around the corner. Meanwhile, we can already see what the Nintendo Switch version looks like, which will be less technically ambitious than the other platforms; although it will have unique features such as the ability to play in laptop mode or the option to perform menu commands using the touch screen or pointing with a gyroscope. This November 11 it debuts in the digital stores of PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, Epic Games Store and the Nintendo Switch eShop.

The official Rockstar Games portal has updated the version of GTA: The Trilogy for the Nintendo console, which until now only had a technical description, in addition to the details already known about the weight of the download in digital format. Now we can see several images in high definition, but the resolution of the game in laptop and desktop mode remains to be confirmed; as well as the FPS handle on this platform.