GTA: Take-Two Sues Project That Left Game Playable On Switch


GTA: Take-Two Interactive has filed a lawsuit to end the Re3 project, which used reverse engineering to target the source code for GTA III and GTA: Vice City and offer these games on more platforms — where they weren’t officially released.

There’s actually a lot you can do with a game’s source code, especially for the mod community, but bringing these classic games to consoles like the Nintendo Switch and PS Vita seems to have been the biggest problem. for Take-Two.

This further fuels the rumors that we should see a trilogy of classic titles from the GTA series being released by the end of the year. The developer seems to be concerned about restricting unofficial access to these games on platforms where they will be released, such as the Nintendo Switch itself.

This concern appears even in the legal documents of the process. In the complaint, Take-Two’s lawyers make the following statement:

“The defendants, perhaps most notably, allege that their GTA-derived source code allows players to install and run the games on multiple platforms, including those where the games were never released, such as PlayStation Vita and Nintendo Switch.”

Take-Two seeks a preliminary injunction to stop the activity of the Re3 Project immediately, while the proceedings are in progress, even before any decision by the judge.


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