GTA RP Streamer Viviana Was Banned For Racist Statements Towards The Viewer


After verbal criticism addressed to the Twitch viewer, GTA RP streamer Viviana was permanently banned from NoPixel for racist comments.

GTA RP is a community—created modification of a favorite game in which players bring their own role-playing personalities to life. But in the case of Twitch streamer Viviana, she went too far with her persona.

After receiving a comment from the Twitch chat, she immediately began insulting the viewer, introducing racism into the discussion.

“You’re white, you’re white, and you’ll never have a damn personality,” she declared, starting her tirade.

“At least I have a personality, at least I’ll be something. Ayo, ayo what? Ayo what? You will never have any personality type, you will never have anything. Your name is literally fucking James. This is the most similar to a b**b name I’ve heard in my entire life,” she screamed, assuming the race and identity of a person solely by his name.

“Don’t you dare come to me, bitch, guess what? Guess what the hell? Don’t you dare come after me, bitch. “Am I white?” Okay, who asked? No personality, no culture, no hair, as who asked?

The streamer was quickly banned from NoPixel after popular streamer Felix “xQc” Lengyel reacted to her rant.

According to Reddit users, the streamer doubled down on his comments, saying that “reverse racism does not exist.” After that, the statement was deleted from Twitter.

At the time of writing, Twitch has not taken any action against Viviana. We will let you know if the situation changes.


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