GTA RP Streamer Buddha Talks About a Big Step on The Road to Recovery After Brain Surgery


The popular Twitch streamer and GTA RP star Buddha has informed fans of another preliminary health report after brain surgery in November 2022.

Buddha is a well—known Twitch streamer with more than 820,000 subscribers on the broadcast platform. Buddha, best known for his GTA role-playing game streams, has gained a large and supportive fan base over the years.

However, his viewers were shocked when the streamer reported that on November 13, doctors discovered bleeding in the left side of his brain, explaining that he would have to undergo surgery to solve this problem.

Fortunately, the Buddha came out safely from the other side and was discharged from the hospital a few days later. He was prescribed anticonvulsants and told that he would have to return to the hospital later for a CT scan.

“It was one of the scariest things I’ve ever experienced,” the streamer said about it. “Thank you for all the kind words and love, it means a lot and helps me to survive. [I’ll] update here when I can.”

Later that month, Buddha had to undergo another operation to clean the incision made by doctors during the first operation. “I really hope that after this I can just start to come to my senses and return to normal life,” he wrote.

Buddha Offers Preliminary Health Update after Brain surgery

Now, more than a month later, the Buddha has returned to social media with another positive news about his health after an emergency operation.

According to the streamer, his subsequent scan went well, and the doctors did not see anything dangerous in the pictures.

“I just finished a control CT scan, and at first the doctors didn’t notice anything,” he tweeted on January 3. “I’ll get an official update from my doctor in 24 hours, but it’s a great way to start the New Year.”

Buddha also gave a few more updates on his official Discord server, where he said he was “really happy, just hope my official doctor doesn’t mess up everything.”

Buddha Discord update 2

“But I think everything is clear,” he added. “They literally wouldn’t let me go until the doctor confirmed that everything was fine with me. …I don’t know if that means he can see other shit or something, but I think I’m fine.”

Buddha Discord update 1

The Buddha also tried to clarify that he is not yet fully out of the forest and is still waiting for another confirmation from his doctors before getting full permission.

Fans express their congratulations in the comments below the Buddha’s latest tweet as the creator continues to heal from the frightening ordeal.


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