GTA Online: Triple GTA $ & RP in Overtime


Rockstar Games presents the weekly updates to the popular GTA V multiplayer mode, this time with great rewards, discounts, gifts and perks.

One more week, Rockstar Games presents the news of GTA Online, the popular multiplayer mode of GTA V, this time with triple GTA $ and RP in Overtime: dispute and King of the Hill, double GTA $ and RP in sales of aerial merchandise from Smuggler’s Run, hangar and vehicle discounts, Progen Itali GTB as the Roulette of Fortune jackpot price, a massive GTA $ 250,000 bonus for finding all 10 Solomon Richards movie props and new Prime Gaming perks.

Triple reward in Overtime: dispute

Take to the skies in a late-model Ruiner 2000 equipped with a parachute and maneuver to land on a floating platform that you will see in the distance. If you arrive in one piece, beware of rivals who want to overtake you badly. Overtime: dispute offers triple the rewards until September 23.

Triple rewards in King of the Hill

Dare with the King of the Hill game mode and steal capture points from your opponents in a showdown as God intended. You’ll come out covered in blood and guts, earning Triple GTA $ and RP.

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