GTA Online The Contract: Franklin And Dr. Dre Star In New DLC


GTA Online: The world of Grand Theft Auto continues to grow, and there’s a major new addition to GTA Online with The Contract, the new chapter in the history of GTA V! Starring our dear Franklin Clinton, the free DLC will hit all platforms on December 15th. Check out the trailer:

In the plot, years after the events of the main game, Franklin is now a successful businessman and helps celebrities who come to Vinewood deal with the peculiar problems of rich people. With the help of his partner Lamar Davis, DJ Pooh seeks him out with a very promising client, none other than rapper Dr. Dre!

Naturally we’ll have new vehicles and weapons in this pack, plus an all-new radio station with exclusive Dr. Dre songs! Rockstar just hasn’t confirmed whether we’ll be able to play both cooperatively and solo, but the trend in recent updates was to allow this, so we’re optimistic.

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