GTA Online: Rockstar Celebrates Los Santos Turners’ Success By Giving Game Money


GTA Online: Grand Theft Auto Online is a success: more players arrive at Los Santos Turners than in any other update to the game. Rockstar celebrates it.Rockstar Games celebrates the success of Los Santos Tuners, the latest major update for the GTA Online giant. The North American company has confirmed that this content framework has added more launch players than any other previous event. Therefore, it will add a total of $ 250,000 from GTA to your profile checking accounts.

“Thank you so much to all of our amazing GTA Online community,” the study begins on its Twitter profile. “We are delighted to share that Los Santos Tuners has gathered more players in GTA Online than any other launch update. In appreciation, we will add $ 250,000 of GTA very soon to all accounts. See you on the streets of LS! ”.

Los Santos Turner, now available in GTA Online

One of the main novelties of the update is Car Meet, a new space in Los Santos that allows you to modify your vehicles and display them to the rest of the club members. By becoming a member, you gain access to the test track, where you can race and test new high-displacement cars.

Lovers of heist missions will see new contracts added, which give way to take the reins of a new business of dubious ethics: the customizable Auto Shop. We can expect the introduction of 10 fully moldable vehicles, based on the following:

Obey Tailgater S
Annis Euros
Dinka RT3000
Annis ZR350
Vulcar Warrener HKR
Karin Calico GTF
Annis remus
Dinka Jester RR
Karin Futo GTX
Vapid Dominator GTT

As we said, Los Santos Turnet is now available in GTA Online. The PS4, Xbox One and PC community will be able to join now; compatible with PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. You can find out the full details of this addition by clicking on this link.


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