GTA Online popular cheat service is at the end of the road


GTA Online has been having PC cheating problems for a long time. This problem does not appeal to both gamers and game makers. Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games, has shut down one of the most popular cheating services for GTA Online.

Take-Two Interactive has been struggling with GTA Online cheat services for years. While the company had put an end to several major cheat services, some of Luna Cheats were still operational.

Luna Cheats, one of the hugely popular cheat services, has stopped all its activities. The statement made on the website of the cheat service is as follows:

“After our talks with Take-Two Interactive, we stop all maintenance, development and distribution of our cheating services. We will also donate our proceeds to a charity designated by Take-Two. We apologize for any harm our software has done to the Grand Theft Auto Online community. ”

GTA Online cheat service to donate their revenues

This statement is the same as the statement made by another cheating service Elusive, which has a similar ending 2 years ago. Like Luna Cheats de Elusive, she pledged to donate all of her earnings to charity. However, Elusive was also fined 150 thousand dollars after this donation. So Luna Cheats may not have gotten out of it yet.

Maybe this sanction against Luna Cheats will not completely end the cheats in GTA Online. But at least Los Santos is waiting for less fraudulent days than before.

Have you heard of Luna Cheats before? What do you think of Take-Two’s fight against cheaters? You can share your opinions with us in the comments section.


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