GTA Online Has A New Mode That You Can Compete With F1 Cars


GTA Online has come with Open Wheel Racing mode where players can race with F1 vehicles. Players can now take part in exciting races with their ultra-performance vehicles.

In GTA 5’s online mode, you can compete with almost any vehicle in GTA Online. To date, many options have been offered, including supercars, motorcycles, SUVs, planes, boats, RC cars, or even vehicles that carry luggage at the airport. However, players can now compete in F1-style open-wheeled vehicles at the San Andreas Prix.

GTA Online’s new mode, Open Wheel Racing, offers players the opportunity to compete fiercely with F1 vehicles. Players will be able to compete with two new ultra-performance vehicles PR4 and R88 in races. Both vehicles have the same statistics but spoiler, tire, pattern and engine customizations can be applied in Los Santos Customs.

You can race your F1 cars in a total of 7 new tracks spread across various regions of Los Santos. There are different features of runways located in areas such as Vinewood Hills, City Hall, Los Santos Harbor, Los Santos International Airport and Fort Zacundo military base. You can also show off your skills on the tracks by avoiding narrow corners, pits and concrete blocks in Davis, in the south of Los Santos.

In GTA Online’s new racing mode, you can even experience some of the realistic features of F1 sports such as choosing tires and entering pit stop. The new mode of GTA Online is now playable on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms.

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