GTA Online: New DLC Confirms That Michael Is Alive


GTA Online: In The Contract, the new GTA Online DLC that hit platforms this December, one of the main characters from the original GTA V “appears” alive — indicating that one of the three possible endings for the game’s story would be the canonical one for Rockstar Games .

To put it in context: it’s been almost 10 years since we’ve known the three protagonists of Grand Theft Auto V: wealthy ex-thief Michael DeSanta, spiteful madman Trevor Phillips and gangster Franklin Clinton. The story involves the three “friends” in various missions in the criminal world, until the player has to make a choice, in Franklin’s shoes: kill Trevor, kill Michael or keep the two alive, risking his own skin.

Since the main game was zeroed by millions of gamers, its multiplayer spin-off — GTA Online — brought several additional stories with the characters of the story. The most recent, The Contract, stars Franklin, who is hired for a job by none other than rap legend Dr. Dre.

In a given part of the mission, Franklin walks into the movie studio (one of the best parts of GTA V, in my opinion) and lets out the following comment: “M***a! I know one of the producers here. I hope he doesn’t is working today”.

Who does Franklin know he worked in the studio? That’s right, Michael. That’s why a lot of people already claim that the character is alive, that this is the canonical ending of GTA V — and, who knows, he might appear in future DLCs. Watch the video: