GTA Online: Heist Challenge, bonuses, discounts


Rockstar Games presents the weekly updates to the popular GTA V multiplayer mode with new game modes, great prizes and perks.

GTA Online, the popular multiplayer mode of GTA V, receives another week a new batch of content, this time, with the Challenge of Coup as the main protagonist and the possibility of winning a special vehicle if the community achieves a common goal, together with numerous rewards, bonuses, property and vehicle discounts, Prime Gaming benefits, gifts and much more.

Slam challenge

This week, Rockstar Games is offering the GTA Online community the chance to win a new Special Vehicle for free for a limited time. Play any coup ending in the next 7 days to collectively steal 100 billion GTA $ from the entire community. Any coup ending will count toward the total, whether it is the Fleeca Heist, Data Breach or The Diamond Casino Heist, through November 18.

“To make it easier for players, we will deduct 75% from the cost of preparing the hit to the casino from now until November 18. It is also rumored that you could find a shipment of diamonds in the vault of the casino “, they assure from Rockstar Games.

Earn a GTA $ 1,000,000 Bonus

Even if working together for the benefit of all is not your style, if you play GTA Online from now until November 18, you will receive a special GTA $ bonus worth GTA $ 1,000,000.

Double reward on casino missions

This week, if you help Tao Cheng defend himself against the aggressive actions of oil tycoon Avery Duggan and protect The Diamond, you will earn double the rewards on all missions in the casino plot. Completing these missions as a host will unlock the preliminary Safety Information, which will help you leave the casino shivering.

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