Scientists Consider Evidence of Extraterrestrial Life on the Moon


Abraham Loeb, a professor of physics at Harvard University, announced that the Moon could offer important evidence to investigate extraterrestrial life. Loeb said he thinks the Moon might have collected non-galactic material like a fishing net.

The outcry about the extraterrestrial life could be much closer than we thought. According to an article published by scientists from Harvard in Scientific American, the Earth’s moon, the Moon, may have functioned as a fishing net for evidence of extraterrestrial life.

“Our idea is to accept the Moon as a fishing net for interstellar objects collected over time on the surface and potentially provide a living building block from habitable environments around other stars, said Abraham Loeb, co-author of the article published in Scientific American.

The moon’s surface is geologically inactive. Loeb said that studies to see asteroid and astrophysical evidence beneath the surface of the Moon will reveal interesting interstellar clues. According to the researchers, the objects collected in this study on the surface of the Moon can bring evidence to us billions of years ago with the presence of objects entering the solar system.

Recent studies, the fact that interstellar objects are more than we thought, may lead to different evidences. The latest work of astronomers found that the Borisov comet passed through the Solar system. Before the Borisov comet, the interstellar object called Oumuamua had passed through our galaxy.

Abraham Loeb says that with the technology available, the history of the interstellar material on the surface of the Moon can be calculated. Loeb explained that surface-based parts can contain up to 30 per million interstellar parts, based on energy content measurements of interstellar objects.

Researchers, life is the building block of amino acids can be found in a few parts of a hundred billion. The building blocks of fossils similar to those of the 3.4 billion-year-old extinct life on Earth can be obtained from specimens from the Moon.

What’s even more exciting is finding traces of technological equipment that would correspond to a letter written by a foreign civilization that fell on the lunar surface billions of years ago, ”we are, an said Abraham Loeb, a researcher.

According to scientists, we will never know if such a message has been received until we have conducted a study on the Moon. According to the researchers, such a study can be done with a space base to be established by the USA or China. Such findings to be revealed by a space base to be established on the moon may prevent us from searching the evidence of extraterrestrial life too far away.


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