GTA Online expansion to be added to the game map


Rockstar will implement a map expansion for GTA Online due out later this year

Today, Rockstar Games revealed the first look at a new map expansion for Grand Theft Auto Online due out later this year. This will be GTA Online’s first major map expansion since the game’s launch in 2013.

In a short video trailer, Rockstar showed off new locations that are not currently in GTA Online and that appear to be located on an island that has yet to be added. The video makes multiple references to El Rubio, which could be the name of the expansion island.

Rockstar teased this new map expansion in July, with the company saying that the “biggest update to GTA Online” would come later this year. Since then, Rockstar has been pretty quiet about what that update would include, but it looks like a new map expansion is coming. This is something that has been rumored for some time.

Also briefly seen in this trailer is what appears to be a comprehensive look at the new map, captured and shared by the GTA series videos.

The teaser also shows a corpse washed up on a beach. And today, players started spotting corpses, like the one seen in the trailer, showing up in GTA Online in Los Santos. GTA fans have already pointed out where and when these bodies appear, although no one is sure how they connect to the new expansion and island.

GTA V on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5
GTA V is in its third generation of consoles, and Rockstar Games first released the game on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2013. The company then optimized the game for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with surprising enhancements, and will now repeat its release on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X sometime in 2021.

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A promotional video for GTA Online has been released!

Somagnews informs you that although the successful video game has achieved something that no other, the senior editor of Windows Central, Jez Corden, declared through his official Twitter account that Grand Theft Auto V will not receive major improvements from the Xbox Series X launch. and PS5.

Although the expectations of the fans were placed in great updates that could exploit the 4K, Ray Tracing, 60 FPS in the Xbox Series X, reducing the load time and much more, the truth is that all those improvements will not arrive for the launch of the popular consoles until the second half of 2021.


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