GTA Online: Double Rewards on Contact Missions


Rockstar Games presents the weekly updates to the popular GTA V multiplayer mode with great rewards, vehicle sales, perks and much more.

Rockstar Games presents, one more week, the news at the content level for GTA Online, the popular multiplayer mode of GTA V, this time, with double GTA $ and RP in contact missions, triple reward in Transform Races, triple salary for partners and escorts, a chance to win the Fruit Tee, the Lampadati Tigon as a Roulette of Fortune prize, a selection of discounts on vehicles, luxury apartments and garages, and this week’s Prime Gaming benefits.

Great rewards in missions

This week, GTA Online offers great rewards on various types of missions, such as Double GTA $ and RP on Contact Missions through Martín Madrazo, Simeon, and Gerald, all available until October 14. To participate in contact missions, keep an eye on messages and calls. You can also look for them in the list of missions in the activity menu or use the Quick Join feature of your iFruit.

Triple reward in Transform Races
The craziest races return to GTA Online with Transform Races and their triple rewards. As soon as you are piloting a Seashark through the waves as you find yourself flying over the Tataviam Mountains in a tuned Deluxo; maximum risk.

Play this week and receive the Fruit t-shirt
Play GTA Online this week to receive the Fruit T-shirt and show your friends that you take the simplicity of your game at face value.

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