GTA Online: Bonus Contracts, Air Races And News From February 24 To March 3


GTA Online: Rockstar Games presents one more week the news of the popular multiplayer mode of GTA V with rewards, gifts, discounts, advantages and more. One more week, Rockstar Games presents the weekly news of GTA Online, the popular multiplayer mode of GTA V, this time, with extra bonuses in various types of missions, rewards, discounts and Prime Gaming advantages. Earn Double GTA$ & RP on Security Contracts, Trap Door Missions, Flight School Activities, Contraband Sell Missions and more.

Prove your skill as an operator in GTA Online

“Owning and running an agency isn’t just about visiting the studio and rubbing shoulders with nouveau riche; Much of the work requires getting your hands dirty. Your clients will not always be famous, but everyone pays”, they assure from Rockstar Games. To access these missions, all you have to do is log into the agency’s computer in free mode and complete at least one mission to receive Franklin’s VIP contract.

Plus this week you’ll get Double GTA$ for completing Security Contracts along with the Bravado T-Shirt. To do this, he buys an agency with Franklin; and it is that this week the agencies have a 25% discount, with a 30% discount on agency artistic styles and 40% on hangars and their modifications. On the other hand, the Wheel of Fortune prize of the week is the Vapid Retinue, while you can win the Dewbauchee Rapid GT Classic if you finish in the top 3 in street racing series.

On the test circuit you will be able to drive the BF Weevil, Grotti Visione and Lampadati Cinquemila. And if you want to buy new vehicles, take advantage of weekly discounts on the following models:

Buckingham Alpha-Z1, Sea Sparrow and Nagasaki Ultralight: 40% discount.
Grotti Visione, BF Weevil, Mammoth Tula, JoBuilt Velum 5-Seater, Grotti Cheetah Classic, Lampadati Cinquemila, and Western Company Seabreeze: 30% off.
Mammoth Hydra: 15% discount.