GTA Online adds a new SUV


Rockstar Games continues to actively support Grand Theft Auto Online, regularly updating content to keep players interested in the online service on a weekly basis. While large content updates may arrive irregularly, small updates with more targeted content are delivered much faster. The latest update for Grand Theft Auto Online is a vivid example of this. He presented not only the Cayo Perico racing series, but also a completely new extreme SUV.

Introducing Declasse Draugur, the newest SUV available for purchase to Grand Theft Auto Online players. Rockstar describes him as a “naked legend” of SUVs. It’s said to be enhanced with titanium and powerful, and it’s a nightmare for those on the wrong side. Those who do their best to buy Declasse Draugur this week at Southern San Andreas Super Autos will also receive a free Grey Yeti flat cap.

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The new Declasse Draugur will be an ideal option for participating in the races of the new Cayo Perico series. The Cayo Perico series includes 10 different races that combine both street and off-road sections. In particular, players will race through the “fortified complex” of El Rubio and the surrounding beaches. Rockstar generously gives all participants of the Cayo Perico Series twice as much GTA $ and RP until the end of the week.

An additional event this week will be a treasure hunt with a metal detector. It all starts with the players combing the beaches of Los Santos with a metal detector. If players are lucky, they will discover maps that will lead them to the island of Cayo Perico. Following these maps, you will discover buried caches that will include GTA$ and RP, making it a great low-stress option for progress. To get started, GTA Online players just need to aim at the metal detector.

The vehicles available in Simeon’s showroom also changed throughout the week. The showroom vehicles include the Declass Tornado convertible, Vulcar Nebula Turbo, Annis Remus, Enus Cognoscenti and Benefactor Stirling GT. As for the Luxury Autos showroom, the models Overflod Autarch and Pegassi Torero XO are presented here.

There is always new content in Grand Theft Auto Online, and the recent Criminal Enterprises update has helped revitalize a community eager for more content. Expect to continue weekly updates, events and rewards in the future. Grand Theft Auto Online is approaching its 9th anniversary, but Rockstar support is not going to slow down.

Grand Theft Auto Online is already available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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