GTA Online: 7 Tips to Help You Win in Vehicle Vendetta Mode


Grand Theft Auto Online players know how difficult things can be when they start going crazy with their cars, especially when the Los Santos Police Department stands in their way. Fortunately, GTA Online fans who want to make car hell for other players will finally be able to do it in Vehicle Vendetta, a confrontation mode that sounds exactly as it is written.

Vehicle Vendetta takes players from two teams to certain regions of the map, where they can fight with certain vehicles, weapons and bonuses. The simple nature of the game mode makes it so exciting when players need to not only eliminate opponents, but also protect them and their team from other obstacles. How exactly can players dominate Vehicle Vendetta?

7 Vendetta Vehicle: Basics

Unlike other modes of confrontation in GTA Online, which give players the opportunity to destroy each other in a bloodbath, Vehicle Vendetta brings a twist to the concept: vehicles. Not only that, but the maps in Vehicle Vendetta work in two ways. The original Vehicle Vendetta mode takes place on platforms above the map area, while Vehicle Vendetta Street takes place on the closed streets of the map.

Here are other things to consider when it comes to the mechanics of this mode:

Victory conditions:
Depending on the host of the game, Vehicle Vendetta mode can be won either by the highest number of points scored or by the highest number of kills.

Two teams enter the “arena”, which is a closed area of the map in the game. They start on opposite sides of the territory in a sports car of their choice equipped with double machine guns.

Simply put, players in Vehicle Vendetta fight inside their cars to destroy enemies as often as possible. Players should take note that a ring-out is also considered a penalty against their team.

6. Remember about bonuses

As in other deadly racing games, the Vehicle Vendetta mode in GTA Online gives players the opportunity to gain an advantage with various bonuses. They come in the form of additional weapon upgrades, simple buffs and colossal transformations that can easily turn the tide of battle. These bonuses include:

The beast:
Turns the user into a rhinoceros tank for 30 seconds.

Places up to three bombs around an area to destroy enemies.

Removes objects and obstacles in the arena.

Transforms the user into Nagasaki Shotaro, including his destructive light trail, for 15 seconds.

Changes the opponent’s control, including steering, acceleration and braking.

Gives the user transparency for ten seconds. They can use this to avoid the deadline trail and even steal power-ups by driving through enemies.

Forcibly turns on the accelerator at enemies for five seconds.

Increases the user’s health to the maximum.

Fires missiles at oncoming targets.

Slows down time for all players by five seconds.

Collects any gain except the Detonator.

5 Keep moving

One of the best ways to win a Vehicle Vendetta is to keep moving, especially since many bonuses that cause damage to players will require aiming anyway. Moving a vehicle is difficult enough, so it makes sense that aiming from the built-in machine guns can also be difficult.

Players will want to move as often as possible so that opponents do not target them, and at the same time have a little legroom to get away from other obstacles. Practice fast skids, U-turns and quick turns to consolidate the advantage in movement as often as possible.

4 Be attentive to warnings

One of the most useful features of Vehicle Vendetta is how the game warns players if an enemy team gets a powerful boost, especially Beast and Deadline. This should give players enough time to prepare their defense or even dodge in the exciting areas of the game mode.

As soon as the warnings come, it’s best to try to stay away from these vehicles so that they don’t get as much benefit from their bonuses as possible. It is also useful to apply derailment tactics here, since transformed enemies are likely to be careless and want to score points. This is probably the best time to bring them to the ring-out.

3 Check for pitfalls

In the standard Vehicle Vendetta mode, most arenas have traps that almost instantly become death traps for careless players. Given how difficult it is to drive some vehicles stuck in these holes, players need to remain vigilant and avoid them for as long as possible.

It is also interesting how this mechanic can be used in the interests of the player. Instead, when fighting a particularly persistent opponent, players may want to lure them close enough to the trap to force them through before even grabbing the player.