GTA IV is Unavailable for Steam Now


Still popular since 2008, the GTA IV is no longer available for purchase in the Steam store for no reason. However, the game’s Episodes from Liberty City DLC is available for purchase.

GTA IV, a Serbian teenager named Nico Bellic, who moved to Liberty City to live the American dream, has been one of the series’s favorite games since his debut. The game is played by many players today with its unique GTA atmosphere and unique experience.

But for some reason, GTA IV cannot be purchased from Steam today. The game has a dedicated page on Steam, but there are no options to purchase to add GTA IV to your library. Also, GTA IV Complete Edition is not available for purchase at the same time.

GTA IV is no longer available for Steam, but its DLC is available for purchase:
Grand Theft Auto, the producer of the series by Rockstar Games has not yet made a statement on this issue. So there is currently no answer as to why the GTA IV cannot be purchased from Steam. Strangely enough, the GTA IV DLC, Episodes from Liberty City, is still available for purchase.

However, users who have already purchased GTA IV do not need to have any doubts. If you have already purchased the game and it is available in your library, you can download and play the game without any problems.

If you want to buy and play the GTA IV on other platforms like Xbox and PlayStation, you won’t have any problems. This is currently only available for Steam.

Do not assume that the removal of GTA IV from Steam is due to Rockstar’s own gaming platform. GTA IV is currently not available in Rockstar Games Launcher. However, sites like HumbleBundle are still sold for the Steam platform.

Soon we will be able to provide details of why such a thing has been done. So stay tuned. In the meantime, do not forget to write down your guesses as to why such a thing might have been done.


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