GTA IV Takes Its Place in the Steam Store Again with ‘Complete Edition’


The fourth game GTA IV, which Rockstar Games added to the Grand Theft Auto series, came back to Steam after 2 months. As of March 24, the game will be sold with all its contents under the name GTA IV: Complete Edition.

The legendary game GTA IV, which completely reflects the atmosphere of the GTA series and is still beloved by many players, came to our agenda for an interesting reason in the past months. GTA IV, the fourth game that Rockstar Games added to the Grand Theft Auto series, was removed from Steam two months ago, with an unexplained cause.

After a few days of the incident, Rockstar Games explained why GTA IV was removed from Steam. The company stated that GTA IV was created for the ‘Games for Windows Live’ platform, but new product activation keys could not be produced because Microsoft stopped supporting Games for Windows Live.

GTA IV came back to Steam:
After all this, a few weeks ago, Rockstar Games said that GTA IV would be re-available on Steam as of March 19. That day came, and the legendary character Niko Bellic took his place in the Steam store, where he will wait for brand-new players.

Unfortunately, GTA IV regained multiplayer support even though it was re-introduced to Steam because the game was previously available in multiplayer mode via ‘Games for Windows Live’. In addition to the multiplayer mode, RamJam FM, Self-Actualization FM and Vice City FM radio stations are temporarily disabled.

GTA IV didn’t just come to Steam with these innovations either. If you have purchased GTA IV before, you need to get a new update today. This update combines the GTA IV and ‘Episodes from Liberty City’ DLCs, combining the game under the name GTA IV: Complete Edition. So DLC and the main game become a single game.

If you have purchased GTA IV or ‘Episodes from Liberty City’ before, you will not need to buy another after this time. Rockstar Games offered an update to every player who owns one of the products as a gift to the other.

As of March 24, GTA IV: Complete Edition will be available for purchase:
In addition, if you bought the game physically like a DVD, things will be a bit more complicated for you. In order to get the latest update of GTA IV, Games for Windows Live will ask you to pair your account with Social Club.

Players with no version of the game will not be able to purchase GTA IV or Episodes from Liberty City, at least for now. On March 24, Rockstar will re-release GTA IV on Steam under the name GTA IV: Complete Edition.


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