GTA: Here are the 5 Worst Characters


GTA (Grand Theft Auto) series, developed by Rockstar Games, continues to maintain its popularity. In a GTA world set in a criminal world, defeating the villains is the primary goal of the players. The bad characters in the GTA series are an important part of the game. Therefore, it attracts the attention of the users. Let’s take a look at the legendary villain of the legendary game. Here are the 5 worst characters from Marty Chonks, who made his wife dog food, to serial killer Ray Bulgarian.

1 – Marty Chonks


The villain Marty Chonks in the GTA series is a serial killer who turns his wife into dog food. Marty, who has a strange life story, draws attention with his sick and soulless features in GTA III. This bad character is the owner of ‘Dog Food’, who has some financial difficulties due to the banning of dogs in Liberty City.

2 – Ray Bulgarin


Ray Bulgar is involved in many crimes, including human trafficking. Arrested in the slave trade, Ray forces Niko Bellic to trade human beings for him. At the end, he tries to track down Niko through Dimitri, but fails.

3 – Donald Love


Donald Love is a total hedonist who does everything for his own pleasure. One of his favorite activities is eating other people and organizing mortuary parties to do this. Even his mentor Avery Carrington fell victim to his terrible habits. While other villains have some good sides, Donald Love has no human traits.

4 – Trevor Philips


Even villains can be considered heroes, as the world of GTA is not alien to brutal and unusual violence. Trevor Philips takes this to another level.

Taking part in the GTA 5 world, Trevor’s relationships with Michael and Franklin come to the fore throughout the game. Players can only see how perverse and perverse this character is through his relationships with his friends.

5 – Avon Hertz


Avon Hertz, who is in the GTA series, wants to shape the whole world according to his vision. Avon is trying to turn people into a conscious robot. In addition, he believes that companies should rule the world.

We’ve come to the end of our list here. You can also specify other villains in the GTA series that are of interest to you in the comments section. What do you think is the worst character?


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