GTA Has An Unpublished Character Revealed by Voice Actor


A voice actor in the US was so excited about his signing by Rockstar that he revealed a new GTA character before his time. Dave Jackson posted on his Facebook that he will play Captain McClane, a police chief who sees interacting with the player at some point in the game series.

For a community eager for any breath in the direction of a possible GTA 6, it’s clear that this information has already stirred spirits. But it is very likely that we are talking about a new character for GTA Online itself, which constantly receives new updates and content.

Jackson says he’s not under non-disclosure contracts, and that if he doesn’t talk about plot points he won’t violate his contract for revealing the character. The voice actor also says he would like it to go to GTA 6, commenting in response: “They’re making a trailer, so I hope it’s GTA 6.”

But if the pro correctly interpreted his contract with Rockstar, that alone could be an indication that we’re not talking about the next game in the series yet. Most likely, the developer will invest heavily in keeping a secret about the next generation of one of the world’s best-selling games, and likely won’t give its voice actors the freedom to reveal their characters too soon.


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