GTA Fan Projects Retired Again At Take-Two’s Request


GTA: The developers reverse-engineered to make an improved version of GTA 3 and Vice City available to players. Take-Two Interactive has gotten serious about projects that use its intellectual properties. Last February, the company ordered the withdrawal of several titles that used reverse engineering to improve some aspects of the original products. The creators of these versions of GTA 3 and GTA Vice City resorted to the DMCA (Withdrawal Request for Copyright Infringement) and GitHub reinstated the code. However, the company has denounced the project leaders before the California State Courts, for which the code has been withdrawn again.

The Americans claim that this group “has sought to illegally copy, adapt and distribute to the public” the source code of two classic GTAs, Grand Theft Auto 3 and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The complainants maintain that the developers were aware that they did not possess “the rights to copy, adapt and distribute” any product with the source code of their game, for which they accuse them of “infringing copyrights”.

The complaint also refers to these developers’ attempt to dispute the copyright complaint that Take-Two submitted to GitHub. They say they did it “in bad faith” and defended “that because they reverse engineered the game’s source codes, they somehow cannot be held responsible for violating copyright.”

New copyright notice

While the legal course is still on its way, Take-Two has sent another copyright notice to GitHub, requesting the removal of these products. The platform has done its part and has already removed the games. “We appreciate the cooperation of GitHub in this matter”, have said from the company. Aep, the project leader, has not made any additional statements, although he initially told Eurogamer that he feared a possible legal response from Take-Two.

These movements have taken place in a context in which the indications indicate that there will be a compilation of GTA. Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition has been registered in South Korea. Rumors indicate that the PS2 trilogy, among which are the aforementioned video games, will be part of the pack, but at the moment there is nothing official.


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