GTA 6 would be one of the most chaotic jobs in Rockstar Games history


A long awaited game
Eight years have passed since Grand Theft Auto V arrived on the seventh generation consoles. Since then, the Rockstar Games title has had other re-releases and is already preparing a new arrival on PS5 and Xbox Series X / S. However fans are eager for a GTA VI.


At the moment the status of GTA VI is almost mythical. Although there is no official announcement by Rockstar Games, rumors about him do not stop appearing. From female leads, a changing map, large-scale destruction, and a return to Vice City, the ‘new information’ on this title doesn’t stop. However, it seems we now have a reason why this sixth installment is taking so long.

GTA VI could be causing trouble at Rockstar

In recent videos from Rockstar Magazine, those who are dedicated to talking about projects of this company, the subject of GTA VI came up. According to one of its reporters, Chris Klippel, the title is one of the most chaos it has caused internally. It is for this very reason that we have not heard anything official from him.

According to Klippel, GTA VI has undergone many changes during its development, since those involved do not agree on some aspects, including its history. These constant transformations would have been responsible for the co-creator of Rockstar Games, and writer behind almost all Grand Theft Auto, Dan Houser, has left the company.

The GTA VI announcement was supposedly planned to be made in 2020, but Houser’s departure and a new wave of changes made this impossible. Klippel assures that he has more information about the game but does not feel it is worth sharing it since many elements are still in uncertainty and there are constant reboots in its development, the most recent was in 2019.

Some of what he mentioned is that the game will take place in two time frames and that Rockstar would be looking to do something for a more general audience. He also assured that fans shouldn’t expect any kind of announcement soon. Do you think we’ll ever get to see GTA VI?