GTA 6: the GTA video game deemed too violent


While fans eagerly await the release of GTA 6, the famous video game saga is still singled out for its violence.

The GTA 6 video game unleashes the passions of fans and arouses the wildest expectations. But not everyone you have to believe! Indeed, an American politician wants to ban the saga.

Video games are the eternal debate! Do they make it violent? For years politicians and the media have accused them of being bad for the mental health of young people.

The discussion is raging in the United States in particular! And for good reason, with each mass killing, elected officials hold violent video games like GTA 6 responsible! Unless the real problem comes from the authorized port of arms in the country … Oops!

One thing is certain, the video game that crystallizes these tensions the most is Grand Theft Auto. Yes, GTA what!

And for good reason, for years the famous franchise has been slipping players into the skin of gangsters adept at shootings and carjackings. And it’s not GTA 6 that will be a game changer. No wonder then that the saga is often singled out!

In fact, a Chicago lawmaker Marcus Evans Jr. has just tabled a bill to ban the sale of violent video games, including GTA. According to him, these games are responsible for the increase in crime in his city!

Regarding GTA, he believes the franchise is behind the increase in auto theft. “This game enters the minds of young people and perpetuates the normality of carjacking,” he thinks. Just that !

But what will happen if this bill becomes a reality? And GTA 6 in all of this?

GTA 6: the GTA video game deemed too violent and soon banned from sales?


If Marcus Evans Jr.’s amendment passes, it would not be without consequences! Indeed, the sale of violent video games would become not only limited to adults but prohibited to everyone. No GTA 6 therefore!

In his bill, this legislator also explains that he wants to redefine the elements that make a video game violent. Yes, yes, he really has a grudge against gamers!

He thus wants all games that feature physical or mental violence, between humans and animals, to be considered violent.

That said, French fans of GTA 6 can rest assured! Indeed, they are far from being affected by this whole story. Phew!

And for good reason, this law would only apply in the state of Illinois, in the United States. That is to say on the other side of the world!

Fans of the saga will therefore be able to easily buy the long-awaited GTA 6. Well, that said, we hope that all this will not give our policies bad ideas!