GTA 6: Single character story driven game?


The game GTA 6 is not yet released, that already, the craziest rumors are circulating. Will the video game be centered around a single character?

Since the release of GTA 5 in September 2013, fans of the world famous video game have been impatient. Everyone is waiting for the release of GTA 6. And they are quite right.

After more than 7 years of waiting, it’s time for Rockstar Games video game aficionados to bring out the heavy artillery. Indeed, the sequel to the action game is slated for very soon. We tell you more.

And as the weeks go by, new clues and revelations about the game are circulating on the internet. Among the latest rumors, one has particularly caught the attention of Internet users. We reveal it to you.

And the latter concerns the presence of the characters present in this sixth part. Indeed, many Internet users believe that the story of GTA 6 centers on a single character.

And they are right. Indeed, Take Two confirmed on social media that the story will focus on one character!

The creators of the video game explained why the story focuses on a single character. The reason is simple: every GTA released to date tells the story of one person.

GTA 6 the video game focused on a story with a single character


The advantage that there is only one player is that it is easier to move forward in the game. “Players prefer to advance alone rather than with others”, writes the Nashville Chatter media .

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On the other hand, the creators of GTA 6 have specified on social networks that players will have the possibility of playing with several. They can therefore be several to carry out missions.

So you will have understood it. GTA 6 will therefore focus on a single character. With more than 140 million copies sold worldwide, video games still have many years to come. The next part is therefore eagerly awaited.

At the moment, the creators of the game have not disclosed anything about the official release of the game. As previously announced, the studio is already working on artificial intelligence for the characters. But that’s not all…

On the media 4Chan, information about GTA 6 leaked the time for a few minutes. Before disappearing completely. So we learned more about the original storyline of the next American video game.

Indeed, every GTA has a story at startup. She will thus lead the story. The previous part was therefore somewhat different …

Indeed, gamers had to help Trevor, Michael. But also Franklin in their adventures in the dangerous streets of Los Santos. This time, you will therefore be in the shoes of a single character. And not four. And that’s not all.

This time around, the scenario will be somewhat different. Among the other rumors circulating, the video game will be more interactive than the previous ones. With unprecedented chases. And the presence of new weapons that will be useful to progress in the game. We can not wait!


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