GTA 6: Rockstar Games Confirms Leak


It was only a matter of time after many GTA 6 mass leak videos began to be deleted due to Take-Two claims. Rockstar claims that the research responsible for the development of one of the most important franchises in history confirms this. The massive leak of GTA 6 is real, and the videos correspond to the early version of the game.

The company confirmed this in a statement via Twitter, making it clear that the leaked videos relate to the new part of the game, GTA 6. Rockstar also regrets that the leak attracted everyone’s attention, and they did not have the opportunity to present the game as it deserves.

While it’s unclear if this will accelerate Rockstar’s plans to release more details about GTA 6, the studio says they will release more details about the game when everything is ready. And what we saw thanks to this massive leak was a very early version of the game.

GTA 6 Leak Won’t Affect Rockstar’s Plans

In principle, the leak will not affect its development, nor its games as a service (GTA Online), nor the rest of the franchise. And we’re talking in principle because one of the strengths of the leak is that it includes part of the game’s code. Something very dangerous that could lead to the development of traps affecting these online worlds.

However, Rockstar says that this will not happen at the moment, so its players can sleep peacefully. Of course, despite the leak, the company does not issue collateral. We still don’t officially know anything about GTA 6, neither the logo, nor the art, nor even the city in which it will take place, except for leaks.

Perhaps now that users have seen some of the material being developed and the names of its main characters have become known, Rockstar will be forced to make an official presentation of the game, giving some other details, although it seems that due to the tone used in your statement, this will not happen in the near future.

We also don’t know the details of where this material came from. Rockstar claims that this happened due to an intrusion into their network, but without specifying whether it happened through one of their employees or they directly penetrated their development servers. What we know for sure is that GTA 6 is in full swing, and judging by some leaked videos, everything is going from strength to strength.


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