GTA 6: Red Dead Redemption 2 mechanic?


A Reddit user has just started a rumor that a mechanic from Red Dead Redemption 2 is present in GTA 6.

Do you dream of it? U.S. too. Indeed, everyone is waiting for the release of GTA 6. Still it would be necessary to have a simple teaser to put in their mouths before starting to dream. Several rumors are circulating about the game and know that a Red Dead Redemption 2 mechanic could be present.

But what is it? Are we going to have the right to the death of the main character on the last part of the game to play another? As was the case in Rockstar’s cowboy game?

We don’t know yet. In any case, one thing is almost certain. The story of the next installment to cross time. Don’t start dreaming about a Delorean and Marty McFly being in the company of the Doc. Although nothing tells us that these will not be part of the game.

No, if we are talking about passage through time, it is because it would be possible to play at several moments of history. Sometimes crossing several years. Of course, these are just rumors at the moment and maybe it will never see the light of day.

But it’s all good to take when you’ve been waiting for a game for so long. And even more so when it comes to GTA 6. The previous installment was about the lives of Trevor, Michael and Franklin. Again, for the new project, nothing tells us that we will be playing multiple stories.

It could be that we are only allowed one character in GTA 6. That’s what we thought until a Reddit user balances the rumor that we mentioned above.

GTA 6: a Red Dead Redemption 2 mechanic present in the game?


But then what is this RDR 2 mechanism present in the future game of Rockstar. You might as well tell you right away, you’ve never seen the “tool” in question. Since it was just in draft and was not inserted at the end.

As our colleagues from Area Jugones know, a user would have had access to a video of the development of GTA 6 a few days ago. The video, showing the use of the famous mechanism.

This would allow us to press a button (the down arrow on the Dualshock or DualSense) to access a menu with different characters. The latter, corresponding to different historical periods of the game.

So allowing us to travel in time within a place without moving spatially. In RDR 2, we were supposed to be able to use it to “juggle” between Arthur, John Marston and Jack Marston.

In the end, cowboy game players know that Rockstar has found another way to make us use them. It remains to be seen whether the developers will use this tool for GTA 6 or if this is once again a rumor that will never see the light of day.


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