GTA 6 ready to copy World of Warcraft release schedule?


The GTA 6 video game has not yet been released that it is already talking about. Rumors say he copied his World of Warcraft competitor.

GTA 6 might look like “World of Warcraft”. Yep, the “Rockstar Games” video game has yet to be released that it is already in the news.

Rumor has it. The 6th issue of the video game “Grand Theft Auto” could well adopt the same launch strategy as its competitors.

As with “MMORPG”, the developers of “Rockstar” therefore plan to release their next GTA in several parts. Indeed the franchise is not unknown to the general public. The GTA 5 component was very successful and is still as popular as ever.

And the release of the 6th opus is the most anticipated of the moment. But while Rockstar Games has yet to confirm that they are working on GTA 6, sources indicate that the company is in the process of creating a GTA in the style of “World of Warcraft.”

On the other hand, GTA 6 will not be a fantastic game. The developers are just planning to roll out the sequel to GTA 5 bit by bit. As did “Blizzard Entertainment” with its expansions of “WoW”, released every two years.

Not to mention “GTA Online” which is still popular with fans. Rockstar Games even announced the game’s release for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles.

A growing success that adapts to all types of consoles to the delight of fans.
GTA 6 ready to copy World of Warcraft release schedule?


Gaming journalist Jason Schreir has published an article on the future of the “Rockstar Games” brand. And he announced that the next GTA 6 is still in development.

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It’s always better than saying that the game will be released in a few years. He also explained the final details of his launch strategy.

Indeed the game has known ups and downs in its design. And there is a last minute change that required the developers at Rockstar to work 100 hours a week. Very complex work.

So it’s difficult today to say what the game will look like in practice. But given the success of “GTA Online”, “Rockstar” has no plans to abandon multiplayer mode in GTA 5.

They plan to release part of the game by unveiling the new map to explore for the online mode. With a small island off Los Santos for users to visit.

By adopting the same strategy as “World of Warcraft”, the GTA firm will be able to benefit its players from the online mode. Giving free rein to the developers to change the story in GTA 6.

A titanic job which therefore takes time. But one thing is certain, the release of GTA 6 is not planned for now. And when the time comes, the fans will be there.


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