GTA 6: possible ramified consequences of the largest leak to date


Although many fans of the Grand Theft Auto franchise were sure that a new chapter would come after GTA 5 and many years of silence, the official announcement of Grand Theft Auto 6 from Rockstar Games in February this year made millions of players happy. GTA 6 has been around for a long time: GTA 5 celebrated its ninth anniversary just a few days ago, just before a hacker made one of the biggest leaks in the gaming industry. The leader managed to get access to all types of game frames for GTA 6 through the communication channels of a Rockstar Games employee, and then proceed to post them on the Internet along with lists of GTA 5 source code.

The video shows the two main characters of the game, one of whom is a woman named Lucia, which is related to previous reports about GTA 6 with the participation of the main female character, who in this case is accompanied by a man named Jason. GTA 6 frames alone are enough to harm Rockstar Games, which has not officially disclosed any details about the upcoming game in advance, including its main characters, but open source is a completely different beast. More recently, a message was posted on Rockstar Games’ social networks recognizing the leak as legitimate, with a promise from the company to continue working as expected.

What Massive GTA 6 Leaks Could Mean for Rockstar Games

Despite its leak claim, Rockstar Games is still likely to face many ramifications when it comes to its work on GTA 6 and the company’s internal policies. The hacker claims that they gained access to the video and the source code of the game by deceiving a Rockstar Games employee, and then seizing links and documents from his Slack account. Well-known Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier contacted the developer, confirming that the Grand Theft Auto 6 leak is real and that it will be a nightmare for the company, possibly hinting at side effects in the future.

Although the immediate and long-term consequences may differ, it is quite possible that the internal policy of Rockstar Games will change as a result. For example, there may be fewer job listings for WFH positions in the future, and the current benefits of working from home for developers may be partially canceled or revised to prevent similar problems from happening again. This doesn’t necessarily apply only to Rockstar Games, but it could be the spark that ignites industry-wide changes in WFH policies and best practices for sharing work with fellow developers online beyond Grand Theft Auto 6.

The estimated release date of GTA 6, which was never published before the leak, may be pushed back further to adjust assets, code, or even some defining gameplay features. Open source is much more dangerous than actual alpha frames because even if the line of code provided by the leak source is not intended for the whole game, it can still be used if it doesn’t change to affect the experience of anyone playing online. whether it’s cheats or other forms of malicious behavior that benefit the user or other people.

Moreover, if the code for GTA 6 is somewhat similar to the code from GTA 5, which the hacker put up for sale, it can still affect how Rockstar Games will move forward. There is also the fact that the name of the Grand Theft Auto 6 hacker was used in a scam to get more than $100,000 for the GTA 5 code, although the source of the leak claims that he was not paid. In addition, this person also seems to be planning an auction of the GTA 6 source code in case they don’t get what they asked for from Rockstar Games. Overall, the whole ordeal is pretty grim, even if some players are just happily hoping for the prospect of GTA 6 launching sooner than they expected.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is in development.


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