GTA 6: One of the main characters will be a woman!


New buzz for Rockstar Games! Today, we learn more about the development of the game GTA 6 and its main characters …

Attention teasing on GTA 6! Rumors are spreading about a new hero: one of the main characters is believed to be a woman for the first time!

In early 2020, the studio confirmed that the GTA 6 game is in development. But since that time, the information is given in trickles on social networks.

Players are getting impatient and are therefore wondering: what updates and improvements will be planned? Will new weapons see the light of day? The scenario ? etc. In addition, no release date has yet been communicated …

Unsurprisingly, players were therefore delighted to learn a little more about the upcoming GTA 6 from Tom Henderson! We let you discover his tweet right here:


On Sunday, it’s Tom Henderson, CEO of the social media agency Viral Junkie, who announces the news to us on his Twitter account! He writes: “For the first time in a GTA title, GTA 6 will have a playable female and male protagonist.”

Shock! Despite the rumors of 2018, Rockstar never gave up the possibility of playing a woman on screen …

In a few hours, the announcement for GTA 6 created a buzz and gathered many reactions from players! So take a look:

“I’m just afraid it’s like Far Cry 5 and New Dawn. Where the character is silent / he doesn’t really have a decent story. Because it would take forever to create 2 very detailed characters. I would prefer it to be like gta5 with the character switch. »Tweets a player.

Another Internet user then replies: “Interesting, so development seems to be going well …” Indeed, players have been waiting for GTA 6 for a while and are getting impatient.

The most optimistic therefore dream of a launch for the Christmas holidays 2021 … Others are more inclined towards spring 2022 … To be continued!


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